Relapse Prevention in Elyria, OH

When a person chooses to quit abusing drugs and/or alcohol, they go through many phases. This includes the detoxification phase and often a post-acute withdrawal phase. However, there is another phase that will ideally last a lifetime for the person struggling with addiction: relapse prevention. Through programs that offer assistance in relapse prevention in Elyria, a person can receive assistance, support, and encouragement to maintain their sobriety and prevent going back to abusing drugs once their treatment is finished.

Relapse prevention programs are also vital because they help a person recognize that they may be heading for a relapse episode. By identifying these symptoms as early as possible, a person can ideally maintain their sobriety.

Another name for relapse prevention is aftercare. This name also relays the importance of continuing to be engaged with sobriety and recognizing that treatment for an addiction does not necessarily end when a person leaves our inpatient rehab in Elyria. Some people may choose to participate in relapse prevention programs for a lifetime, helping to maintain their sobriety long after they have left a treatment facility.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Several different approaches to programs for relapse prevention in Elyria exist. While each has the ultimate goal of helping a person maintain their sobriety, examples of some of the aims for relapse prevention include:

  • Avoiding High-Risk Situations: Certain places, situations, and stressful circumstances can put a person at risk for relapse. However, a person may not always be able to identify settings that have the potential for relapse. Through relapse prevention treatment programs, a person can identify these situations whenever possible.
  • Learning How to Dissociate from Bad Influences: Seeing people they used to do drugs or drink with can easily trigger a person to return to their substance abuse. In some circumstances, these people may even attempt to try to sway a person into returning to drug abuse. Relapse prevention in Elyria aims to address this by teaching a person the different ways to say no and resist the urge to relapse.
  • Identifying Warning Signs and Triggers: Sometimes the warning signs of relapse are very subtle and can include small changes, such as disturbed sleep or missed meetings. Relapse prevention programs aim to help a person identify how these small behaviors can turn into an increased likelihood for relapse. By understanding how these behaviors affect a person, relapse prevention program experts will help a person develop a more effective coping response than relapsing and returning to substance abuse.
  • Participating in Counseling: Throughout a person's lifetime as a sober individual, they will experience unanticipated events and occurrences. One common relapse prevention method is to develop a relapse prevention roadmap. This technique involves identifying potentially high-risk situations where a person can be very tempted to relapse and ways to refrain from returning to drug and alcohol abuse. By continuing to participate in counseling sessions, a person has a counselor on their side to help them navigate through these challenges.
  • Participating in 12-Step or Other Programs: For decades, 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous have helped individuals maintain their sobriety while connecting with others who have successfully avoided relapse or who have become sober again after relapse.

Many other relapse prevention program opportunities exist in addition to these common services. Another key mindset is to separate a "lapse" from a "relapse." Every person in recovery can have thoughts and cravings to return to their prior habits and patterns of abuse. However, this lapse in judgment doesn't have to sentence a person to return to their former ways. Instead, relapse prevention programs aim to teach a person how to correct their behavior, who they can reach out to, and the services that are available to them to help keep a lapse from becoming something more serious.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

Another key part of relapse prevention in Elyria is aftercare services. Examples of these services can include helping find placement in a sober living home or halfway house which places them with other former addicts looking to stay clean. Because an individual's surroundings can have a significant impact on their success after rehabilitation treatment, choosing these housing options can further cement a person's sobriety.

In addition to housing placement, relapse prevention in Elyria can include accessing meetings, such as the 12-step programs as well as setting up therapy sessions. Sometimes those in addiction aftercare programs choose to participate in family therapy as a means to mend the relationships that may have been severely damaged due to addiction. Others may opt to continue outpatient treatment as an addiction relapse prevention method. All of these approaches can be positive ones toward maintaining sobriety.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and is in a constant state of relapse, then our relapse prevention programs in Elyria may just be your answer. Please call us today to speak to an addiction specialist at (440) 540-5418.

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